Our Commercial Conveyancing team routinely assists with buying and selling commercial property as well as handling all aspects of commercial leases, from granting to assigning and renewals, through to termination and variations

We understand that focused, timely and commercially astute advice can make all the difference to your success and that’s why we are committed to ensuring our clients benefit from the expertise and experience of a commercial conveyancing solicitor.

We offer a coordinated approach to provide you with a full range of commercial conveyancing services:

  • Acquisitions and sales of freehold commercial property
  • Granting and assigning commercial property leases
  • Renewing, terminating and varying commercial property leases
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 procedures
  • Conditional contracts relating to planning
  • Overage and clawback

We act as trusted commercial conveyancers, offering a can do approach. Our extensive links in the local area allow us to provide you with a network of invaluable contacts to assist you with your commercial objectives.

We are regularly chosen by businesses, big and small, to handle a range of ventures from residential developments and complex commercial mortgages to acquiring cafes and coffee shops. Whether it’s the acquisition of a property, the assignment of a lease, or the transfer of a business as a going concern we are here to serve your needs.

We are able to act in a range of situations, covering landlords, tenants, sellers or buyers. A comprehensive understanding allows us to ascertain the needs of all parties in a transaction, producing quicker outcomes while meticulously ensuring no aspect is overlooked.

Our commitment to excellence means that we can offer you a flexible and fast approach to meet your deadlines.

What does a commercial conveyancing solicitor do?

Our commercial conveyancing solicitors will check the title to the property thoroughly, locating and identifying any potential problems early on, and suggest practical, workable solutions to these problems, whilst thoroughly reviewing all documentation with an eye to improving upon it.

To use an example, if acting for a proposed purchaser of a lease, our commercial Solicitors will report to you on the extent and duration of the costs and liability you will be taking on if you proceed to sign the lease on the terms being offered by the landlord. If you are not satisfied with those terms we can even seek to negotiate with the landlord on your behalf.

Our solicitors will report to you conscientiously and meticulously on the property, creating for you a comprehensive dossier of analysis. If you are in the process of negotiating the terms of the lease, you should ensure that any offer clearly shows the extent of the property; with the boundaries clearly defined and marked on a plan together with a clear record of the floor area. All means of access, including any access or areas you must share with other occupiers (such as fire escapes), and any limitation on the hours of use, or restrictions in the type of use, including any legal or planning limitations or obligations that affect the property should also be noted.

Our commercial property solicitors will make enquiries and obtain full details of your expected costs involved with leasing the property. If the lease allows subletting, we shall advise you on any limitations. Our commercial property solicitors will also advise you on your repair obligations and any requirements you will need to comply with if you seek to change the use of the property or make any alterations to it.

Essentially, a commercial conveyancing solicitor provides clients with the detailed, practical advice necessary to make informed decisions about their transaction whilst keeping stress to a minimum.


“We always take care our clients with utmost attention and care”

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