Solicitors and Advocates

We are the legal services firm passionately referred by our clients. A proactive partner that provides a personal touch, we combine the skills needed to successfully address complex legal and business issues with the softer human qualities that make working together a pleasure.

Aramm Legal, located in East London, is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority England and Wales (SRA no. 656549). Our primary practice areas are Immigration and asylum, Sponsor Licence, Litigation, Commercial Conveyancing, Employment law, Family law, and Trademark. Our team of dedicated Solicitors and Associates brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of handling intricate cases.

We pride ourselves on offering specialized and optimal legal services to our clients. This commitment stems from a profound understanding of each case, a genuine appreciation of our client’s needs, and the exceptional skills of our Solicitors and Associates.

“Aramm, a cornerstone of life’s moral compass, is a guiding principle that our existence revolves around ‘Aramm’.”

Aramm embodies duty, discipline, and the practice of acting with unwavering integrity. It underscores the value of life and the significance of upholding good conduct in all aspects of our journey. Aramm infuses moral conduct and essence into our existence, providing purpose and direction.

Prathap Appavu, LL.M – Principal Solicitor and Director

Sindhu Bala, MBA – Business Support Manager – Head Of Operations

We Provide Comprehensive Legal Consultations

Our firm is therefore constantly developing and is prepared at all times to step up and meet any legal challenge.